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Did you know we ship and deliver our tiles and natural stone products all over Victoria and interstate! Direct from our showroom in Seaford to your home be it in the Mornington Peninsula,  Frankston, Cardinia and Gippsland we have you covered. 
Wall tiles, floor tiles, natural stone and feature tiles. 

HIDE Full polymer access cover 206mm

Access Covers Full Polymer

Polymer colours: Ash, Bone and Charcoal
Two polymer inlay depths:

  • 20mm (inlay 12 to 20mm inlay thickness)
  • 30mm (inlay 20 to 30mm inlay thickness)

Polymer Access Cover size: 206mm square
Polymer Skimmer Cover size: 342mm square

HIDE Full polymer access cover 206mm

    • Full Polymer Kit - Lid and Edge Protector
    • No earthing required
    • Polymer has a 5-year warranty
    • Polymer colours: Ash, Bone & Charcoal
    • Suitable for 20mm & 30mm stone and tiles
    • Available size: 206mm square
    • Child resistant
    • Australian pool safety compliant
    • Concealed keyway with no moving parts

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